Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stuffs about Foodstuffs

With Luke away golfing, I tried out some recipes pulled from recent magazine perusals.  The stand-outs are the pickles, the bread, the labor-intensive-but-yum breakfast cakes.

(Food Network Magazine, from Ted Allen's In My Kitchen)

Crunchy, dill-y, and delicious.  And a cinch to make (especially if your store carries pre-peeled spring carrots.)

Jim Lahey's No-Knead Bread (from his book My Bread).  Looks fancy ('artisanal').  Tastes fab.  Easy-peasy.

Mango and Yogurt Parfaits (from Padma Lakshmi, InStyle magazine May 2012) Breakfast for the week. [Puree 3 peeled and cubed mangoes in a food processor until smooth; add 2 T lime juice, 2 T honey and 1/4 tsp cinnamon.  Layer with vanilla yogurt.]

Banana-Cream Cheese Breakfast Cakes (Food Network Magazine).  Scrumptious.  Just pay heed to the recipe direction 'muffin tins should be 3/4 full'.  I overfilled [NB: use jumbo muffin tins, or make 24 mini-cakes], and the tins runneth over, precluding photography, but not the later enjoyment of an oven-warm treat on the porch, reading the New York Times.  Really good.


Braised Spinach with Eggs (Mark Bittman, New York Times magazine).  This will be in heavy rotation at our house.

photo via

Pasta with Asparagus and Prosciutto (Food Network Magazine)  Of course it was good.

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  1. I love me some pickles, so I am going to have to try to make those!

  2. Oh, man, this all looks yummy! :)

  3. If I ever end up in the ER with a self-inflicted knife wound, it will be from trying to dice a mango - how do you wrangle the pit?!?! Pickles look delish, tho!

  4. I used two bags of frozen mango chunks! I AM A CHEATER.