Wednesday, June 27, 2012

One Year

Luke planned a secret getaway for our first anniversary, a trip to the hill country about an hour northeast of SATX.  We stayed at a B&B on Canyon Lake...

View from the B&B

Beckoning seductively

Our room (the Medici suite) had a balcony with a nest of little birds:

Lot of emotion, no?
Into nearby Startzville for a snack:

Many of all of our trips include eating fried chicken.

Hot chicken shots
Feeding the little deer:

Friday night we had pizza (black olives & banana peppers- my half; jalapenos & sausage- his half) and watched Wall Street in bed (aside: our Tempurpedic has ruined every other bed for us.  Fodder for another post).  Saturday in New Braunfels:

New Braunfels Coffee

Phoenix Saloon

Thanks, 2 tarts!
Revelation Decor:  LOVE this shop.  Serious lust for this ombre lacquered dresser.

Ally, owner

Looking forward to buying furniture/accessories from here.

Sunset, back at the B&B:

Saturday night: More pizza from Fox's Pizza Den (there really wasn't a lot around).  Watched Jarhead.  Talked wistfully about the Tempurpedic.

Sunday morning we bid adieu to the Lakehouse B&B as our alter egos, those frisky octagenarians BJ Beardsley and Muffy Dixon-Beardsley:

A place that never fails to elicit a comment, but this time a visit: the less-than-mellifluously named Snake Farm Zoo.

It's full of snakes:

Little crocodiles:


And rather gruesome children's toys.

Home, we crawled in the Tempurpedic, said 'we missed you, T!' and fell asleep at 12:30 in the afternoon.  A fabulous weekend.


  1. Sounds like a perfect anniversary!

  2. oh my. this post made me laugh out loud at least three times - pretty sure it was your frisky octogenarians bit that did me in. thanks for sharing great pictures and descriptions!