Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Third Trimester

In repose, in duplicate

38 weeks and counting!

Some reflections on:

HORMONES AND SUCH  No cravings to report.  I started drinking milk, which reflects the moratorium on the [lax] 'no calories from drinks' rule.  Also milk is the only way to dissipate spicy-food taste, and I make a lot of spicy food for LH. No bizarre or formerly-disliked foods have become palatable all of a sudden.

NESTING  No bursts of nesting, unfortunately.  The house is sort of a mess, the nursery is a baby-supply staging area rather than quiet retreat, as we anticipate putting her in the mini-crib next to us for several months. And because I keep waiting for the nesting burst, perhaps mis-manifested as watching Cook's Country on PBS and reading non-parenting books and leaving the blackout curtains I purchased weeks ago in the box on the floor. I need to leave some activities for my six weeks of maternity leave, right?

SEQUELAE  Second and third trimesters have been easy breezy beautiful MotherGirl.  I have managed to avoid many nuisances such as heartburn (have never experienced, ever), hemorrhoids, stretch marks (maybe I should look more closely, or maybe not), frequent urination, overall discomfort or inability to get comfortable.  Once the first trimester fatigue/slight pukiness/disinterest in most food (except for delicious cold creamies like guacamole, egg salad, milkshakes) passed, it's been smooth sailing.  I FEEL SO LUCKY.  Some women are so miserable.  (Not to mention not experiencing real complications rather than annoyances).

ARE WE READY?  Of course not.  I don't know how you could prepare fully for such an abrupt life-altering change.  We are excited and enjoying the Last Days of Just Us.  (I like what Miranda July has to say on the topic of motherhood ... what will it be like to wake up and not have the luxury to wonder 'what will I do today [for myself]?', which has been so fabulous for so many years). We've read the books, we have the stuff, the freezer is full of lasagna.

THE BLISSFUL IGNORANCE OF THE PRIMIGRAVIDA  Luke has a better sense of the imminence of the birth than I do.  Even though I can feel the baby moving and jostling all the time, there is a disconnect that I am at a loss to explain.  It feels very surreal that a tiny baby will emerge (somehow) and belong to us.  He assures me it will feel very, very real very, very soon.

♦  HUSBAND. Best-ever labor coach.  This whole blog is about how much I adore Luke, and this experience has only deepened my love and in-love-ness with that man.

♦  QUESTIONS!  What will she look like? (I'm calling it now: like Luke, dark eyes, bald) Her temperament?  Will I see the mucus plug? (Luke: Tell me if you see it.  DO NOT SHOW ME.)  Will breastfeeding be easy(ish)?  Will my water break in spectacular sitcom fashion?  What will it feel like to see Luke holding our daughter?  What do I do with a baby??  Will I have a waist again?

♦  THE NEW NORMAL  As it's difficult to envision Life With Baby, I have a small list of postpartum activities I'm either eager to try or return to, in broad categories: exercising without protest from uterine ligaments (riding bike, stroller walks, Spinning and barre classes), chemical exposures (tooth bleach, Brazilian blowout, Vitamin Botulinum shots), foods (deli meats, queso fresco, margaritas, spicy tuna rolls).

SO THANKFUL for an enjoyable and easy time so far.

THE EXTENT OF MY BIRTH PLAN  Hopeful for an easy(ish) delivery with a healthy baby and healthy me at the end of it!

        ♥ See you on the other side, readers! ♥


  1. Thanks for sharing this update. It's so good to hear you are doing well. And I think watching Cook's Country definitely counts as nesting. Good luck with the birth! I love that birth plan : ) Love you guys!

    1. It might have even been an episode of Cook's that I've seen before :)

  2. Favorite line: "exercising without protest from uterine ligaments". Thank you for loving my brother. I love you and am praying for a delivery commensurate with your healthy pregnancy!

  3. I lost my mucous plug (ew.) at 38 weeks and was very excited that labor was imminent - 3 weeks later, my water broke in completely unexpected sitcom-type fashion. Am still working on the visible waist. Can't wait for all the news! Best of Luck - you can do it!!

    1. I don't know why I'm so fascinated by the plug! Watching Ellie grow up cyberly has made me so excited for a little girl!