Wednesday, January 2, 2013


My almost-two weeks off is drawing to a close... a fabulous time to celebrate the holidays, to prepare the house for baby, and lay around the house with the man of the house (something that never happens on weekdays).  This time together has been relaxing and precious.  Though so excited for the baby's arrival, there is a certain mourning for this time of our lives: spontaneous trips, 2 am dance parties for two, naps whenever (we don't really nap, but we could).  Soon our family life epicenter and focus and schedules will change and it is somewhat bittersweet.  On to the next adventure; it's time.

January brings resolutions and reflections to the forefront, which made me revisit this post from November 2011.  How did I do?

Walk/tennis: Not so much. 

Research projects: Plugging along.  A recent collaboration was accepted for a podium presentation.

Knitting: No.  I never sit around (in my dream commute I spend 20 minutes on a train everyday, knitting away) so this hobby may never take off.  It's also very, very hot here with little need for knitted garments.

New underwear: Buying nursing bras does not count.

Learn about music: Started piano lessons in May, did not practice enough, need to read to supplement understanding (music theory, A Natural History of the Piano)  My goal is to resume lessons in a few months and be a proficient sight-reader at that time.

Fix hair: Gonna go a little darker this Friday.  I love this little-bit-of-pink-hair trend, however, given that I will be 35 before I can try it out (=15 years outside age-appropriate range), I don't brush my hair in the first place, and I wear the same clothes for consecutive days with Dansko clogs, this seems a bridge too far.

Cooking and baking a lot: YES.  I cook and bake a lot.  We installed a chest freezer and purchased a Costco membership.  When I divvyed up a $6.59 5 lb bag of shredded mozzarella into 1 lb bags and promptly used one to make and freeze a sausage (also from the freezer) and broccoli rabe lasagna, I thought, yes, the $110 membership is so worth it. I felt like a Very Good Wife.

Freezer inventory late December 2012

Volunteer more steadily at Morgan's Wonderland: I didn't keep up with volunteering after the park re-opened after its winter break and after becoming pregnant standing outside in 100+ degrees was a no-
go.  I do plan on taking Baby H here a bunch, especially when she's older.
Make wedding album on Blurb: A project fully executed, at last.
Blogging: Has turned out to be a great record of our life in Texas.

2013 Plans
Long walks with Baby H in nearby parks and greenways, especially before the weather takes a turn for the Dantean again. Get flexible at Smart Barre, a 4 minute bike ride from our house.  Spinning. 

Research projects: Keep plugging away.

Music: Sit at piano.  Connect brain and fingers.

Cooking and baking:  My main hobby.  Goals: limit meat to 2-3x/week, emphasis on veggies, less white food (flour/sugar), find a place to grow kitchen herbs (a spectacular failure so far).

Needlework: Restart cross-stitch, learn embroidery or perhaps get a sewing machine.

Wyoming: Family vacation in August.  Florida: Society meetings in the fall. Montreal: July meeting I realllly want to go to because I've never been to Montreal.

In the short-term: Adjust to life with a newborn, which promises to be magical, exhilarating, and exhausting!


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