Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Nothing more than feelings.

But we ARE our feelings, thanks....

...Inside Out, the saddest movie I've ever seen! Everyone else in the theater was enjoying themselves and I was weeping (not so silently), snuffling - every now and then - I'm thinking of the part with the wagon - I gasped and cried some more. 'Her parents reminisce about when Riley was small... which means that we're living the good part now,' I lamented to Luke later. 'The good part is now [sobs]'. Can you feel nostalgic for the present? I suspect there's a 35 letter German word for it.

Other entries in the lots-of-feelings category:

 I caught this interview with pianist Simone Dinnerstein on my way to the gym. She discusses her struggles with infertility and miscarriages and the impact on her career in addition to performing in Cuba, her new work, etc. I wondered if I had ever heard a woman discuss infertility so openly in a forum that wasn't expressly about that topic, much less how it impacted her career. Such a common struggle and yet here I was being rather shocked (in a pleased, let's shed some light and lift some hearts kind of way) to hear it on the radio.

Sally Mann's memoir Hold Still. I reacted deeply to this book. Her writing is exquisite, her humor wry, her life unapologetic. Inspired by the amount of non-ephemeral ephemera she draws on -- unpublished photos, journal entries -- I took a digital sabbatical to put down the phone, examine my FOMO, and think about what I'm creating. I plan to read this book again very soon and I'm not a re-reader. She leaves so much unexplored I hope capital letters HOPE she writes another memoir.


 And, what are you carrying forward? That's what I'm thinking about after these moving interviews with flight nurses and Elizabeth Alexander.

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