Thursday, January 26, 2012

Three Food Things I Have Learned Recently

How to deal with the turnips in my CSA share: BUTTER.

        Buttered turnip puree (Food Network)  I asked a vendor at the farmers' market what he does with turnips and he replied in a German accent (not important for the story, I'm just painting a picture) I treat them like a mashed potato.  One 'mashed turnip' Google later I had this recipe, which turns the turnips into a marvelous vehicle for milk and butter.  I sauteed little bitty Brussels sprouts (nickel and dimed sized, so cute!) and later folded them into the puree for leftovers.

Canola oil is not from a canola plant, but rather stands for Canadian oil, low acid

         Probably more marketable than its actual name, rapeseed. (John Besh's A Passionate Plea for Home Cooking)

Costco purchases more than half the world's supply of cashews.

        That's a lot of cashews. (Patricia Marx, A Bushel and a Peck, The New Yorker, Jan 16, 2012)

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