Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hello May!

April may not have been the cruelest month but I am excited for May -- great stuff on the horizon:

// Ok this isn't on the horizon, it's already in the freezer: Annie's Eats dreamy creamy strawberry ice cream - Saw this on Pinterest and the recipe was too easy not to try - and it is delicious! The strawberries I used weren't even looking that spectacular and the ice cream still has great, bright berry flavor. A plus plus plus for ease of cleanup; next time I'm going to macerate the strawberries and chill the puree right in the blender canister for even fewer dishes to wash.

// HEY BIG BLENDER-SPENDER: I think I'm going to treat myself to a Mother's Day gift of...a....VITAMIX!!!!!!

// Stone fruit in season - my favorite. To make: rustic blueberry and nectarine tart and glazed pork with plums. Eating peaches over the sink! Can't wait.

// Start our new schedule of my taking C to daycare in the morning and Luke picking her up so I can go to the gym in the afternoon and he can sleep in... this is a mysteriously long-overdue adjustment.

// Complete the closet purge I've been talking about for months. Why I am dreading it so much?


// See this movie based on an Alice Munro short story:

// Take one of my longest vacations ever to relax with friends and family in Missouri and Michigan. Do you have your Lucas Jack tickets for St Louis, Chicago, or Kalamazoo?

 What are you looking forward to?

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