Monday, May 5, 2014

Our Weekend by iPhone

Our weekend in iPhone photos.

Brunch during oil change, Twin Sisters. [Saturday was great - errands, Y, pedicure, dinner with friends on a beautiful patio.]

Landa library park Sunday morning.

New kicks.

Oh hi.


Brunch redux. This lady loves being in the high chair.

Target. We bought the tiger and these two toys (here and here) that she actually seems interested in because they are reasonable simulacra of her Very Favorite Things. (I think we will purchase several items from this line in the future - really clever, gender-neutral, no obnoxious primary color palette).

We are working on hugs for Little Sister Acceptance Training

Central Market, waiting for mom to finish her pasta.

Sippy cup launch in t minus five seconds

Tickles. Luke was busy most of the weekend but we got him back Sunday night.


C likes to drape herself over the ottoman (blocking a door that doesn't shut tightly) and wait for the tickles...

Other good stuff: Watching 20 Feet from Stardom (so great!), reading this fascinating article about the recent capture of a Mexican drug lord, watching Joel McHale kill it at the White House Correspondents' Dinner (I am still giggling about the comparison between C-SPAN and the Paranormal Activity movies), lovin' my sample of Armani Luminessence CC SPF 35 moisturizer - that stuff is great, making ATK's icebox key lime pies in - confession! - storebought mini graham cracker pie crusts. So cute!


  1. G has a similar disinterest in anything toy-like. We just got him those keys and a " tv remote control" for his birthday. They seem to have achieved acceptance thus far.

    1. The keys and the phone are hits! I am so proud!

  2. I love that beautiful shot of you and your daughter!