Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weekend by iPhone

The little lady and I were mostly up to our own devices this weekend. On Friday night I skimmed a pile of magazines and half-watched a terrible movie (Diana) -- after a long workweek some me-time felt great. On Saturday and Sunday C and I did our usual hustle-out-of-the-house-so-Daddy-can-sleep [due to our haste, these are very grungy and yes downright grimy mornings for us]. We hit up our usuals - the Y, the museum reach of the riverwalk, the Landa library playground (x 2), Central Market (x 2), the farmer's market, the new bakeria/loncheria La Panaderia, TCBY (probably my first TCBY in this millennium, of course a chocolate-vanilla twist). Running around with one child is very easy - what will happen with two?! I may become a shut-in.

Now we pause for something completely different - some tantalizing tidbits from the NYT opinion page:

What pregnant women and their partners google. The search engine as window to the soul.

Always hungry? Here's Why.  Time for a paradigm shift?
Oh and I picked up these trial size Dr Dennis Gross peels at Sephora along with my sun safety kit (a treat I look forward to all spring) and my skin feels like buttah.

Ok time for baby.

Have a great week, y'all! Just a couple of days until vacation, thank goodness.


Baby gets into the family planning drawer

Just aswingin'

Pearl Brewery reach of the Riverwalk


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