Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Grandpa Bob Visits Texas

Hello from the last week of maternity leave! My dad flew down to meet Miss Josie. We took Clementine to Inflatable Wonderland, ate takeout oysters (brave, no?), watched the American Ninja Warrior highlight reel show, and got my new Samsung tablet* up and running (can never, ever let the kids lay eyes on it). If you need me I'll be locked in the bathroom reading Southern Living.
 *thanks, Dad!

*Confidential to Robin: yes, I know I should have been wearing makeup. Just wait til you have kids then we'll talk.
Inflatable Wonderland aka Who Cares, It's Air Conditioned and There Are Icees For Sale:
This is blurry but captures the child whom the daycare workers at the gym say 'is beginning to come out of her shell' but we know better. That shell is only a ruse aimed at animal cracker acquisition.
From the I-should-be-sleeping-when-she-sleeps file:
Josie fell asleep during tummy time aka mommy computer time and tucked up her little legs. Isn't that the sweetest? 

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  1. Love the picture of Josie curled up. Hope your last week of maternity leave goes well! - Susie