Sunday, August 24, 2014

First Week Back

First week back at work was great! My mom arrived on Sunday to help out for a few days. Back in the office, it felt pretty great to be alone accomplishing tasks (each of those the opposite of life at home). Despite wearing the same pair of boots hundreds of times including up until delivery of each of my daughters, my left boot rubbed my ankle raw. After a few hours I was limping around saying, 'no, no, I'm really happy to be back....' But it's impossible to be relaxed and happy when your feet hurt. And that was my only complaint about the end of maternity leave. 

Having my mom here has been a real treat. Luke and I were able to go out for dinner (DATE!) My first choice was busy ('there's seating on the patio!' but it's 102 degrees, so no); second choice was the nearby Smoke Shack for barbeque followed by drinks at Cappycino's. We've been to Cappycino's a few times, the first almost immediately after arriving in San Antonio. The same bartender from 2011, Josh, was working, and we said it was good to see him again and subjected him to that awkwardness of remembering a lot about someone you've met and they remember nada. 'So what have you guys been up to in the last three years?' he asked and we said, well we have two kids now. And laughed, because that still sounds rather improbable.

Oh and I forgot I got a massage after dinner and drinks! How can I make dinner+drinks+massage my standing Friday night plans? (Thanks Robin for the bday gift!)

Getting these photo texts at work made me smile:

I have the same photo with Clementine from last year!

On Thursday I had a craving for summer rolls - or are they spring rolls? The non-fried ones. I online ordered those and two entrees from Wok This Way and when Luke brought them home, I realized I had mistakenly ordered fried veggie rolls. Drat! After the gym on Saturday (weights for me, childcare area for C, cafe-across-the-hall for Mom and J), I said let's have lunch at Wok This Way and rectify the Spring Roll Mistake.

We had lunch with a bunch of bikers:

But alas no spring rolls because they were no longer on the menu. However, we were committed to dining there because even with two adults the unloading of two small children from a vehicle and into a restaurant has the logistical complexity of the Berlin Airlift. 

This morning Mom and the kids and I went to the farmers' market where some of us slept, one of us polished off a not-small pan de muerto, and someone else enjoyed the Locavore food truck's ham and eggs benedict. ('But Julie, that doesn't look Whole30.' SHUT YOUR PIEHOLE. --mmm, pie. I miss you...)  

Later in the afternoon Mom got a manicure, I picked up some heel-bandage reinforcements for the week from Target, and yes, undeterred, dog with a bone, third times a charm, successfully procured spring rolls from Tong's Thai. VICTORY IN OUR TIME.

In other news, Josie started smiling regularly this week!

Sometimes with only 50% smile-muscle coordination.

Lucky us, my mom is here for a few more days. Hope you all have a great week!

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  1. Sounds like you're having a great week back at work (and finding - finally! - summer rolls). Your girls are just adorable.