Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sitting in My Stroller

Clementine has been receiving the Highlights Hello magazine (Aunt Ruth, thank you for the great gift!) for several months but in the last six weeks she has become completely enamored of it. Recitation of the first time of the poem from the May issue, Stroller Time, brings her out of a crying jag (as will 'what does the dog say?' sniff sniff RUFF RUFF sniff sniff) and brings her such joy:

The power of poetry.

Last week I asked her to retrieve Sitting in My Stroller - which is not the cover of the magazine - and when she brought me the right issue I thought it was a fluke. She did it again. So of course I had to test her:

Sitting in my stroller
There's such a lot to see.
Like furry doggy faces
Looking back at me.
Sitting in my stroller 
We're off to see the ducks.
Watch them all come running
With waddles, quacks, and clucks.
Sitting in my stroller
 I look up at the sky.
The clouds are fat and fluffy
As they go drifting by.
Sitting in my stroller
My daddy pushes me.
Good bye doggies, ducks, and clouds,
We're going home, you see!


  1. When my daughter was little, about Clementine's age, I often read to her from two books of children's poetry. She was always fascinated by the rhythm of the words and would sit quietly, listening. Poetry is a lovely gift to give our kids!