Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Night

Finally got around to that linen closet purge and I know you've been waiting with bated breath for this:

Josie and I took about an hour while C was sleeping to sort and discard.

little helper
Almost everything in the bags and bags and bags of cosmetics was aspirational - items I would love to wear but don't. Because I don't have the time, energy, elan, or daring (why do I own yellow eyeshadow?) It felt good to let go of these tokens of 'wouldn't it be fun - wouldn't it nice' and embrace The Now, The Me. My stuff. I wear sunscreen and Armani CC cream, foundation, and concealer (sometimes) and mascara that I buy at the grocery store on a whim. Once in a while I'll wear lipstick on the weekend and it feels racy and fun. In keeping with my 2015 credo of QUALITY I will resist other impulse buys (years of which resulted in this purge) in lieu of a few highly researched, highly coveted, and wearable products. TS Eliot measured his life in coffee spoons; I might count mine in tubes of once-applied lipstick; personas tried on for size for $7 a pop at CVS.

Bye-bye stuff. Especially you, basic perineal cold pack. (Someone out there: invent one that actually stays cold #fireinthehole)

What else, what else? More spaghetti.

Before I had kids and saw parents feeding their children pasta with red sauce I thought, that's crazy. So messy. Why???

Now I realize it's because IT'S ONE OF THE ONLY THINGS THEY WILL EAT.

Is it just me or does Josie look like Gary Busey here?

Tonight was a late night at work. Because of an accidental lane change and exit mix-up, I ended up at the McDonald's drive-through instead of Taco Cabana. That may seem like 6 of one - half dozen of the other, but have you had Taco Cabana tortillas? The ones that come separately wrapped in foil? Delicious. 

Another before & after kid observation: until you have two kids in car seats, you will never understand the importance of a drive-through. Never. Never.

First Happy Meal. She ate all of the sweet and sour sauce via a 10 minute dip nugget-lick nugget cycle. Nuggets went essentially uneaten, as did the fries. 

C has been delighting herself by making a new sound, somewhere between a roar and a high pitched scream. Here is Josie's reaction to it:

Another long weekend, folks! Yay! Hope it's great one. 

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  1. C made a good call by not eating the chicken nuggets....the fries on the other was a misstep. Fries with sweet and sour is where it's at.