Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Girls' Night

The feeling of wearing one pair of boots but you immediately want to wear a different pair of boots. I know it well.

Pointing out a partially masticated but ultimately rejected lump of CHEEZ.

I think she's trying to take a picture of Josie.

Right now C calls the phone 'mah ellow' (my hello). Mah ELL-low, mah ELL-low. As you might expect, it's the cutest.

This post is subtitled Josie Is A Very Good Sport.

Josie needs to try on boots too.

Resting. For a moment. 

'Clementine, smile! Like this!' [demonstrates smile]

Deep thoughts. And a monkey photobomb.

Our puffy, back-from-the-dry-cleaner comforter is the perfect landing pad - she jump/flops on to it. (Postscript: going to buy this for summertime San Antonio).

Help me.

Breakfast before the Y.

Vacation starts tomorrow, woo hoo! If I take this many photos of the kids in the living room, imagine how many I'll take when we actually go somewhere!

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