Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What's Making Me Happy

 // Listening to Life After Life, recommended by my sister. I had no idea about the genre, the publish date, the subject, nada. I'm really enjoying it and was listening while cooking the cream for Jeni's black coffee ice cream and was so content -- I thought, how can I make making ice cream while listening to audiobooks my profession? Anyway, listening to something with no expectations, no NYT review, no Terry Gross interview has been great.

// For every season, churn churn churn... black coffee ice cream is so delicious!!!!!!! Recipe here.

// Rao's jarred marinara is pricey and worth it. It was recommended in Sheet Pan Suppers and appeared in a recent Real Simple. No added sugar and an ingredient list that includes *only* the things you would use if you were going to cook a tomato sauce yourself: tomato, garlic, olive oil, basil, salt, onions. Wait I can build a case?

// Spin class then yoga class then off to work. I'm not messing around in 2015! However, I'm cycling-naive: saddle + self = sore spots.

// Still Kickin: not exactly happy but a celebration of love. I heard about Aaron Purmort's untimely death from brain cancer through the several Minneapolis* institutions and tastemakers I follow on Instagram. His widow spoke to NPR about her husband and his illness, which she chronicled in her blog My Husband's Tumor.

“He’s the light, I’m a prism,” Nora told Yahoo Health. “All I have done is bring his light to more people in our world.”
Below is a trailer for the upcoming documentary about the Purmorts:

This t-shirt fundraiser is back on, and I'm buying some. Then going to crush my family with hugs. #stillkickin

*Why Minneapolis? It's the Seattle of the Midwest, and my spirit city. My spirit city because I long to live in a city with well-developed public transit. The arts! The science! The light rail! NOTE: That's my spirit. My mind and body have lived in the South too long and cannot bear to think of months of cold and ice and snow.

// New BOOS! Speaking of cold, the girls needed some warm clothes for our trip north, including this sweater and Baby Bogs boots (BOOS!) I wasn't sure how C would react to the new boots - she is very attached to the floral boots she's been wearing for four months. [And I'm getting attached to them because they are the first item of clothing for which she's shown a preference]. This weekend I brought home a pair of tall rain boots from Target for her and she reacted violently -- refused to put them on, when she finally did put them on she wouldn't walk in them, grabbing on to furniture for support (very melodramatic - she puts on Luke's boots and is more nimble), and, later, seeing the boots out of the corner of her eye on the wire shelving, ran over to fling them to the floor. Curiously vehement anti-rain boot sentiment. Thus I was worried about the reception of the $50 Bogs. I let her take them out of the box (BOOS!) and pull them on. And she was off, walking with her chin to her chest, inspecting them. She even pulled them back on after donning her pajamas. I wonder what her feelings are about them today.

Best pic possible.

// More Dallas Clayton.

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  1. I loved Life After Life. I had to read it twice to understand the alternate story lines. Atkinson often tells very elaborate, interweaving stories, but this is unique.