Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What's Making Me Happy This Week

These pants are awesome.The green goes with everything, they are so soft and (mostly) made in the USA, and I've worn them eight* plus times without washing and they've held their shape 100%.

*lazy or eco-friendly? you be the judge.


Me: What's a popcorn cookie?
Luke: That's what we're calling rice cakes now.

Contacting Quaker Oats about a re-brand immediately.


Visiting Chicago! I arrived at 8:30 am on Friday and ran around with my sister Elise who took a staycation day. Here we are at Room & Board visiting my lust object, the Oskar chair. I touched all the midcentury loveliness and whispered, soon, baby, soon.

(Notice the pants. Wrong shoes but we were walking a bunch so I had to tourist it up.)

(Don't notice the hair. The bang grow-out is quite an ordeal.)

First Shake Shack. Tasty but I gotta say I like Burgerfi better. But thick, dry home burgers - you are dead to me!

We hit up Stuart Weitzman (soon, baby, soon) and Nordstrom (new fedora and shoes on their way, hellooooo fall!), went to Elise's new fave Lush Cosmetics, and did hand treatments before joining Brett at Piccolo Sogno for dinner. LIKE A FOOL I ordered the wrong thing (monkfish medallions) instead of the right thing (pappardelle with wild boar ragu).

The next day I went to my meeting and in the afternoon we saw Spotlight (highly recommend) and had dinner at the bar at Acadia - (standout - the Bee Still cocktail). We watched several episodes of Master of None and I'm slowly getting over my dislike - so squawky! - of Aziz Ansari (this delightful Fresh Air interview helped).

The view from their condo. JELLY.

Field Museum and Soldier Field.

Sunday - back to meeting- the overall standout highlight was the lecture by eighty-one year old Holocaust and medical experimentation survivor Eva Kor (she and her sister were twins experimented upon in Josef Mengele's laboratory). She was a wonderful speaker and the crowd leapt to its feet for a standing ovation at the conclusion of her talk.

I walked most of the way back to the condo, picking up an Epic Burger peanut butter milkshake on State Street which did NOT live up to my memory (alas, what does?). We met up with Amy and Joel for a Second City show - they went onstage! - and dinner at Little Goat.

On Monday before my flight home I got a laser treatment which I will share when my face molts. Susie helped Luke hold down the fort in Texas (thanks Susie!). Now I'm looking forward to staying put for a relaxing holiday season - getting back to cooking, baking, morning workouts, a long visit by my mom, exploring the gorgeous brand new Hotel Emma, and enjoying the glorious SA winter.

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  1. Sounds like you had an amazing time in Chicago! Love the pictures, specially the burgers! They look so good!