Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What's Making Me Happy This Week

// #Alisonspregnantladydanceoff. You know what's funny? Pregnant women. Even funnier? Pregnant women getting down with their bad selves. Check out this IG hashtag for video entries for the dance-off... hilarious.

// Two part entry.

A) CHEESE FRIES. I haven't really ordered or even had cheese fries until I shared them with Elise at Shake Shack last week. Now my every waking thought is: CHEESE FRIES. Where can I have them? How soon? CHEEEEEEESE FRIES.

Soooo we went to Orderup last night (not just cheese fries but CHORIZO CHEESE FRIES) which was delicious and instead of slaking my cheese fry mania it only stoked it.

B) Afterward we went to HEB for groceries. "Let's find the race-cart!" we said to the girls. We scanned the parking lot and finding one the girls went nuts. Even non-verbal Josie was grunting and squealing and pointing wildly to the cart. (Why would I spend money on tickets to anywhere when these kids are happiest in the grocery store parking lot?!) Then we played a game in which I would dart away and Luke and the girls would find me in the store; C was shouting DARE SHE IS! and both dissolved in laughter. I'm sure this was just as charming to all the harried T-giving shoppers as it was to me. (So much fun but C confided to me later: "Josie pulled my hair in the race-cart.")

// Also on Instagram, the life and times of Pumpkin the raccoon cracks me up. I suspect Pumpkin and I have a similar zeal for cheese fries.

// I need $20,000 and places to wear these insane Roksanda clothes.  (Royalwatchers, remember when Kate wore that yellow Roksanda dress in Australia? Loved it.)

// I haven't even finished listening to this Shonda Rhimes interview and it's one of my favorite things this week. (Have to catch up with her recent Fresh Air appearance).

Cheers, everybody! Have a wonderful holiday!

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