Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

This week I got back to Alamo 180 after a two and a half week hiatus due to food poisoning*, solo parenting, trips x 2, laser procedure recovery, and rotavirus*. I was very sore from Wednesday's pistol squats (performed holding on to a ring, c'mon people!) and this 40 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) was a torcher as billed.

*note to self: replenish probiotics.

Rick and Doris' for Thanksgiving! I harvested my first round of lettuce from the bag bed as my contribution to dinner. That bald patch is where I tried to plant plants that I accidentally ripped the roots from when removing from the container. Turns out lettuce plants need roots. I'm really taking to this gardening thing.

Living off the land... and goat cheese.

We forgot the girls' activities but luckily Doris had these sewing boards.

Also forgot booster seat but Robert and Sharon had bungee cords in the car. Problem solved!

Thank you to our hosts! We love you!

Rest of weekend // I've begun thinking of laundry in units of podcast. This folding job was 0.75 podcasts.

On Saturday morning Josie inexplicably woke up at 3:30, howling. She woke up Clementine. At 6 I decided to make buttermilk pancakes for breakfast ---

-- and Josie promptly fell asleep.


The pancake recipe is from one of ATK's new books which I absolutely do not need but bought anyway (ditto for the pre-ordered paleo book -  I can't maintain a paleo diet for more than 4 hours! Don't care! Can't wait!) 

Another early morning. Jigsaw puzzles are C's fave-wit [favorite] right now.

After Luke left for DC to record his new album (find out more here!) dark and early on Sunday we had another early morning of puzzling, fighting, squealing, stuffed animal stealing, and BASE jumping from the sofa. Feat 1: got myself showered. Feat 2: got them dressed to walk around the farmers' market when De-Feat 1: it started raining and De-Feat 2: they fell asleep anyway. Which is how I came to be eating, as quietly as possible, nachos in the Taco Cabana parking lot, thinking about my next move. I never appreciated drive-throughs until I had children.

I drove to La Cantera to stroll around the two stores that I patronize, Nordstrom and Hanna Andersson.

Bistro Baby.

Then to Cenner Margwet [Central Market] because we were out of bananas; each girl eats at least two bananas a day and a fifth one inevitably is peeled and partially eaten/smeared/discarded and found much, much later. Luckily a racecart was available.

An example of her growing cleverness: C will suggest genially that 'we watch your show, Mommy' as bedtime looms. I do want to watch my show so here we are watching Season 3 of Mind of a Chef and breaking in my new shoes. (Notice: green pants.) These shoes are very comfy and a little bitchy. I like 'em.

We made it! Almost to daycare drop off Monday morning! Here is C in the outfit she picked out. She's very into a ballerina grunge look and MY CWAM-RA! [camera].

Thanksgivings 2011 1 and 2; 2012; 2013; 2014 . 2014's entry is discomfiting because wasn't that just 6 months ago? Time it is a-flying.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

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