Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving I

This year we were fortunate to celebrate two Thanksgivings (and was the first T-day we spent together).  Thanksgiving I took place in Luke's hometown of Kalamazoo; we flew in late Wednesday and departed early Friday, but managed about 6,000 calories in between.
        Sara my sister-in-law hosted the festivities in her gorgeous home, decorated for the season.  (Click on her name to check out her blog, which is just as gracious and clever and stylish as she is).  A brief but fun visit in which we urged relatives to come visit us in our warmer climes (see Thanksgiving II).  Two seasons in SA might have turned me into a warm-weather person, akin to the surprising realization that I prefer smaller dogs to big dogs and that are many types of apples better than the Golden Delicious.  I was a Golden Delicious girl for so many years (Tangentially: very interesting article about apple cultivation in recent New Yorker).  Given those sorts of seismic changes, who knows the spurts of personal growth ahead?

Pat and John tackle the turkey; Phil supervises.


Table set for dinner.

Pinterest fans: note plate-wall in progress!

salt and pepper shakers

Avid reader Issac.

Luke's thankful-for list.

Pat and Susie, twinsies for the day

Game time.

Brunch at Food Dance prior to departure.

Thanks to Sara and Co. for hosting! So very lucky to have joined such a big, loving, arms-wide, heart-open family.

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  1. lovely travelogue! was great having you home!