Friday, November 11, 2011

La Vida Local

Let's Occupy Etsy this season.

What are your favorite handmade items to give the ones you love?  Pickles?  Infused olive oils?  Embroidered tea towels?  Free babysitting?  As a wedding gift my sister Elise compiled some favorite recipes along with photos of us and occasional editorial comments: 

You are thinking that is not enough hot sauce. It is!
Make Luke peel the potatoes.
Use a bagged lettuce mix, Lazy Bones.

Even though this book included wedding photos, we received it in Texas about a week later. Which is a testament to Elise's efficiency and organization... only some of the reasons we call her Elise the Police).  Anyhoo it was a great handmade gift, and so meaningful.  Herein, some talented crafters and artisans.

                                                ★ Happy shopping! ★

Cherokee Street's  Firecracker Press and their letterpress calendars. Make 2012 frisky, y'all.

Fashionista/mash-up-onista Allyson Wilmowski

Letterpress stationers in Columbia MO: 1canoe2

Textile artist Barbara Harms - I commissioned this quilt, Jellyfish in Love, as wedding gift and it turned out spectacular and unique, just like the happy couple.

The magnets and artwork of Mincing Mockingbird.  They make me laugh when I open my fridge, which is a lot.  We met this artist at the Renegade Art Fair in Chicago and just said ahhhhh we love you we think you are so funny your birds are so expressive!!!! and kind of went on and on... but we had met an Etsy-hero, you know?

I use my pig planter to hold sponges by the sink... I love that darling pig.

Bombastitch made a couple of custom cross-stitch patterns for me that were....WAIT FOR IT... sew perfect.  And less than $10.  Which reminds me, I need to start working on those gifts again...

Marvelous textiles from Material Recovery here in San Antonio.

Cute wooden letters, sconces, key hooks from OldNewAgain

Some adorable wedding/party accoutrement from Pixel and Hank in Kalamazoo, MI.  She made my bridal mustache shoe clips.

I gave this mug to Susie as a gift but that doesn't mean you can't give it to other people.  Just not Susie, shealreadyhasone.

Some pretty adorable stuff for babies at San Antonio's Baby Besos.

Gift cards to independent or nonchain restaurants in your town; a gift certificate for community-supported agriculture or co-op near you [We're joining a CSA next month.... tackling with trepidation because 1) we have a household of 2 and 2) I don't know what to do with a bunch of turnips-- I make recipes, I don't cook.  There is a world of difference.]

Donations to Doctors Without Borders or other worthy charities that perform work important to you.

Just shopping on Etsy and experience the heartwarming feeling that comes when you open a package containing your purchase, as well as a little thank you note from the seller for supporting their art.  So wonderful. ♥

However, Christmas list confession... a grill!  It's still shorts weather but finally cool enough to be outside.  (Ah, fall.)  To be purchased from this awesome hardware-housewares-outdoor shop-culinaria walking distance from our casa, Sunset Ridge Home & Hardware.  I have a Groupon!


  1. Thanks for the shout out Julie!

  2. BIG fan of this post! thanks for sharing so many great artists' work! really like 1Canoe2 and Old New Again! I will be joining your Occupy Etsy march. :) Can't wait to see you for Turkey Day!

  3. A- you're welcome and I can't wait to sport my upcycled furs! So Texas, dahlin'.

    MBB- I bought the MO and Chicago prints from 1canoe2 (so great), and a Missouri-shaped key hook from Old New Again as a wedding gift for a couple departing MO. And it turned out that a co-worker of mine designed ONA's website a few years ago and they became cyber-friends in the process. Small world!