Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Eleven Eleven Eleven

Just learned about the Homesick Texan blog from Smitten Kitchen - a cursory visit of her recipe index shows a repetition of the phrase "with chipotle and bacon".  Like this baked pumpkin.  Promising.

ooooo fuchsia blazer!

Boucle jacket in black/gold.  Have I reached that point in my life, readers?  Is it time for structured jackets?  I also like the gold jeans- they're Au-some.

This America's Test Kitchen book, chock full of troubleshooting tips, ideas and how-to's. 

Red Stamp is an app that lets you craft virtual cards/announcements/invites, then text/email/post to Facebook or snail-mail the design. So clever and stylish, and most designs are free (some cost $0.99)

The Notorious P.I.G. editorial in the November InStyle is laugh-out-loud funny.  I hope you enjoy it like moi did.

The song Strawberry Wine.  Luke and I have been talking about this song frequently for its ability to tell a richly sensual story (taste-touch-sound-sight) in just a few words:

                                     The hot July moon saw everything.

Six words paint the entire picture: temperature/sultriness (hot) time of year (July) time of day and events taking place outside (moon) events ('saw everything' in terms of being in flagrante and 'saw everything' in terms of nakedness ?  Left up to listener's imagination.)  Brilliant!

                                                That's about it from

                                                Have a great weekend!

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