Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Roy G Biv

Went to CVS on my way home to buy Real Simple (I like the little tear-out calendar in the back and how pleasant the magazine is... matte, sturdy pages, no screaming advertisements, just calm)

Fear not, American women.  We will tell you which mop to buy.  Which eyeliner lasts longest. How to brown butter.  Show you a skirt from Boden you have to have now.  How to camouflage crepey eyelids with cream eyeshadow, albeit using this 20 year old model.              

and this caught my eye, because I have severe magpie syndrome and am drawn to shiny, colorful objects.  To wit:

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter.  I bought the two tubes remaining that were not in the orange or brownish color family (Bobbi Brown, no thank you), Lollipop (fuchsia) and Cotton Candy (light nude-pink).  Ladies, go buy these.  They are emollient and the color is great, Lollipop especially. They are are a tiny bit sparkly, a tad disappointing because I wanted to wear the light one to work (I like to leave the scintillation to my personality in that environment.)

That display got me thinking of rainbows and spectra and gifts...

Le Creuset, Cuisinart in a rainbow of colors in the Sur la Table catalog.  Drools from Jules.  WANT.

Have you been to  Hosiery in every color imaginable.

And, finally, for the girl who has everything but wears next to nothing:

Thong of thongs

A briefcase of 25 Hanky Panky thongs for $399.  That's right.  $399.  If you have a four hundred dollar briefcase of thongs, you should at least get some kind of business tax write-off... but then, if you have a four hundred dollar briefcase of thongs, exactly what kind of business are you in?

p.s. Did you know Nordstrom sells crotchless panties? SCANDALOUS!

There.  In case you haven't seen the word crotchless in print in a while (I certainly haven't), there you go.

Happy December, everyone :)

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