Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend

First, some exercise before Thanksgiving dinner.

The Browns were kind enough to invite us and 37 pounds of kid and 75 pounds of kid-stuff over for dinner. Thank you Rick and Doris!

Rick with the bird!

Carolyn's pie-norama

Doug and C with a commandeered phone

Doris snapped this pic of Josie and me

On Friday J and I made cinnamon rolls...

while Luke rocked the Alamo at the Christmas tree lighting!

Saturday and Sunday were quiet days at home. On Sunday we went to the farmers' market and then to a nearby park. That afternoon I made many healthy meals for the week and a pan of triple chocolate brownies from Extreme Brownies (now the freezer will be full of cinnamon rolls and the 30% of the pan I didn't take to work).

Josie in the shade.

Then I remembered I had a real camera in my purse...

she loves to jump

Hide and seek.

Bath time with Super Bubbles.

Luke told me this sweet story later that night: As he put C to bed, they rocked and talked about all the things they did that day. He asked, are you ready to go to bed? and she nodded yes. She lied down on her back in the crib and he blew her a kiss. She blew a kiss in return, started sucking her thumb, and closed her eyes.

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  1. Love the one with you and Josie. What a great series of shots with Clementine and Luke together! And those bath tub ones! Are you still taking a Photography class? Did you learn some tips you've applied to your photos for your blog - because they are so good! Also, what a sweet story about C going to bed- Susie

    1. No more photo classes and I haven't read any photo books recently :( Just using the 'scene' mode on the point and shoot camera more frequently.