Monday, December 1, 2014


Look at this face. 100% pure mischief.

C doesn't have a lovey - she wants a sippy cup or water bottle all the time, including bedtime. A-WA! is the bedtime refrain.

Clem is mastering opening zippers (hide your purse) and opening the fridge. When keeping her at bay with my right hand, opening the oven with my left, saying sternly HOT HOT HOT!, she pursed her lips and blew to cool it off. She's finally adding several words to her spoken vocabulary (the ones I can think of now are down, boot, cold, and bubble). However she understands everything (point to the ceiling! touch the floor! stretch! help me blow a kiss [puts her hand to my mouth, removes with flourish]).

My mom deciphered this: She holds up her index finger and says AH BE RA BA! before darting off. Translation: I'll be right back. (I say this all.the.time.)

Light-switch moment: when you point to a photo of her, or see a reflection, and ask, who's that?! She jabs her chest.

This week she is recovering from her first ear infection, the first sign of which was a gush and I mean gush of thick green pus from her ear. She's a tough cookie.

Josie has two problems in life. One is terrible eczema on her face (she rubs her temples and the abrasions are just awful.) The other is smiling so frequently that her pacifier tumbles out of her mouth.

She rolls over from back to belly, loves the bouncer, and coos a lot. We'll start her on rice cereal any day now.

Laughs with J at 5 months: (luckily forced fake laughs will do)

Luckily Josie is very sturdy.


  1. Oh, I loved this so much. -Susie

  2. Kunkels always have a drink going.