Monday, December 22, 2014

Eff It, Cut Some Bangs

Just some things and stuff.

Lately Clementine has transitioned from saying UH-OH! to OH NO! for mishaps, spills, falls, etc. Her pronunciation is more like EW-NEW. Anyway, we find it hysterical.

I completed the 12 Days of Fitness as part of my 180 Fitness Challenge (concluding this week). This was the holiday edition workout. 50 minutes or As Many Rounds As Possible: 12 kettlebell swings, 11 barbell thrusters, 10 double unders (or 50 jump rope single unders), 9 box ascents, 8 dumbbell chest press, 7 clean and jerks, 600 meter run (=once around the block), 5 ring dips (get it? rings!), 4 goblet squats, 3 4 count mountain climbers, 2 handstand push ups (=two regular push ups for yours truly), 1 pull up with a burpee.

I made it though 4.6 rounds and then picked up Torchy's Tacos on the way home. Torchy's is an Austin favorite with its first SA store newly opened just a quarter mile from our casa. It was DELICIOUS and mama knows her way around some tacos.

I got BANGS! After years of dithering and being halted by two strong contraindications - a widow's peak and a cowlick - and a disinclination and general ineptitude toward hairstyling, on Saturday I said - F%*^ it, cut some bangs! How silly, right? Hair grows back. And who cares if you have bad bangs for two months?

And now I look freaking adorable and have an actual hairstyle and I wonder what other things fear is needlessly holding me back from. F%*^ it, cut some bangs is my 2015 mission statement.
Here I introduce Clem to one of the tenets of Southern beauty, volume at the crown.
Luke opened the door and said to the person on the other end of the phone, 'I gotta go - my wife got bangs' and later said 'you look like a child' which I interpret as 'gamine', 'youthful', and 'nubile'. The next day after styling them myself I liked them even more (the hallmark of a great haircut) and got dressed and even put on mascara for our Sunday brunch run (Central Market's granola pancake yummmmm) and he said, 'if these bangs inspire you to get dressed and wear makeup, I really like them.' There you have it.

Cage match. The video ends abruptly, you'll see why.

Unhappy camper on her way to Coachella.

Josie's not thrilled about the sweet pea mash.

On Sunday night we went to a Christmas party at a fellow musician's home and there was music and cheer and all-around holiday warm fuzzies. It was wonderful.

That's the news from around here. Two and half busy days at work until a relaxing four day weekend. Cheers, y'all!

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  1. I LOVE them! I also feel like you should be encouraging us to "put a bird on it" and minute for some reason...