Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Dialogue of Watching

This poem was featured on The Writer's Almanac this week. Last night we put both girls in the crib because it's funny to see them interact. Josie kick-kick-kicks her legs, and Clem, annoyed, pins them down. (Josie laughs). Clem gets nose to nose with Josie and says -- hi. HI. Then stands up and jumps perilously close to Josie's head, necessitating her dispatch to the other end of the crib. Watching him watching them adds rooms to my heart.

A Dialogue of Watching by Kenneth Rexroth

Let me celebrate you. I
Have never known anyone
More beautiful than you. I
Walking beside you, watching
You move beside me, watching
That still grace of hand and thigh,
Watching your face change with words
You do not say, watching your
Solemn eyes as they turn to me,
Or turn inward, full of knowing,
Slow or quick, watching your full
Lips part and smile or turn grave,
Watching your narrow waist, your
Proud buttocks in their grace, like
A sailing swan, an animal,
Free, your own, and never
To be subjugated, but
Abandoned, as I am to you,
Overhearing your perfect
Speech of motion, of love and
Trust and security as
You feed or play with our children.
I have never known any
One more beautiful than you.

photo by Josh Huskin

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