Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Year in review: 2014

2014 was The Clementine Show with a featured role - very minor, in Clem's eyes - for Josie.

Some of my favorite moments of the year were:

My grandfather cracking a joke during grace that made everyone erupt with laughter (He prayed for special recognition for our servicemen and women and my dad piped up - especially the retired! - and Grandpa, without missing a beat said - for they would serve if called to do so! -- and we all dissolved in laughter)

Luke winning Battle of the Bands and opening for Foreigner at the landmark theatre downtown.

Meeting Josie.

Reclaiming the breastfeeding experience if only so briefly. It was nightmarish the first time around and very positive the second, though not sustainable after returning to work.

Our vacations to Palm Springs, St Louis, and Michigan.

I was awed recently by Clem's speech. She mimics me when we step outside and I say 'ooo, cold, cold!' -- COLE, COLE! (we say this when it's 60 degrees, by the way). At the doctor's office for her ear checkup this month, the doctor placed the stethoscope on her chest and Clem said softly, 'cole, cole' and I was awed that she applied the word, unprompted, to a novel situation and sensation.

Here's our year in review!


Hand foot and mouth disease

Turning one



The Block with Aunt Judy

Palm Springs


first haircut

Morgan's Wonderland

Family photos with Josh Huskin

Visiting great grandpa

St Louis!

Michigan! and more Michigan!


Josephine Louise hits the scene

none too thrilled about it


Where's Josie?

Camping with babies at Utopiafest!


the very long walk



photos by Doris

Miscellaneous favorites:

2014 was fantastic! We give it TWO THUMBS UP.

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  1. I cannot believe how much Clemmie grew this year! From that first pic to the last is crazy. The kids are beautiful as are you two. Know that we send our love from the D.