Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Seven Mile Cider

So there we were at the farmers' market, C looking like an evil elf

And J looking quizzical

When I said let's go for a walk on the Riverwalk and after we'd walked south for a bit, Let's walk to the Friendly Spot! I really want another cherry cider. It will be our exercise for the day. It will be fun.

We strolled through downtown to Southtown - it really is fun to live in a big city. We arrived at the Friendly Spot to snag the very last Original Sin, two tacos, and a grilled cheese.

'Would you like to give Josie a hug?' Part One.

'Would you like to give Josie a hug?' Part Two.

Luke cannot explain his hair here.

Back to Pearl we walked, about seven miles roundtrip. We came across a scene we've anticipated but never seen before: a man in the river! He was retrieving a bicycle - apparently there was a collision and 1-2 people and a B-cycle ended up in the river. Luke helped pull him out.

On Sunday we went to the art market at Blue Star, stopping at Halcyon for an iced coffee. The barista gave Clementine a cup of animal crackers, the eventual emptiness of which she is dubious about here:

Early dinner at Barbaro, my favorite SA pizza.


Landa gardens.

This sweet moment lasted about a millisecond before she dashed off.

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