Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What's Making Me Happy / 2

// This essay by Jill Lepore -- the origin story of Wonder Woman is weird and wonderful. (Book to be published soon).

// Lena Dunham's advice videos (all linked here on Cup of Jo). Very excited to read her book, out yesterday.

// Nyx super skinny eyeliner (Target, $8.99) I read Bobbi Brown's Everything Eyes and eyeliner is very important, especially for us glasses-wearers.

// Let me introduce you to the nommiest nom in all the land, sampled with a sip of prosecco at the grocery store, landed promptly in the cart. Sweet-salty-crunchy-silky.


Happy October, friends! My goals for the month are 1) get in 10,000 steps a day and 20 flights of stairs (my average work day has 5K-7K and 10 flights of stairs) and 2) read a book, a single book, something I was not able to accomplish in September. What are your plans?


  1. My goals are to go to different classes at the Y, just to mix it up. Also, can the 40 pounds of apples in my outside fridge....never thought I would have/need an inside and a outside fridge (suburban life)

  2. I have a family wedding in two weeks. If I could be my pre-pregnancy weight for the wedding, my month would be made. Three pounds to go! Also, have never done a 'cat eye.' Perhaps I will get your new eyeliner and try one. Other, more important goal for October: find a job. Must get over initial hurdle and actually LOOK for a job.

    1. Three pounds?! #babe

      And, jobs are overrated :)

  3. I just tried those chocolates yesterday. Divine! My goal: continue taking walks with my dog and make them longer and longer.