Sunday, October 12, 2014

Just Us Girls

or, the photos in my phone with captions.

Date night at Gruene Hall. Here we are with the opener Nikki Lane. We have the same Sam Edelman leopard booties but unfortunately/fortunately not the same leather hot pants. Jenny Lewis was the headliner and wow was it a great show.

With Luke out of town for two nights, I had to fend for myself with the wolf cubs. On Saturday morning we went to the Y and then Central Market for lunch. After naps at home:

[I read this with keen interest because crinkles are my very favorite Christmas cookie. Can ATK make them better?! Will report back.]

We were off* to the botanical garden for a stroll. Several sound checks were progress for an event that evening.

*if you are getting the feeling that I hate being in my home with my children, you are correct

I pushed the stroller and had C on her leash. I AM IMPERVIOUS TO YOUR JUDGMENT.

When she fatigued (our goal for this outing), I popped her in the Ergo. I love carrying my little child around - it makes me feel like a primate in the very coolest way. 

Dinner at Pei Wei (inexplicably).

The hi/bye committee:

Spring rolls, summer rolls, tuna rolls, thigh rolls.

She turned up her nose at the kid's lo mein (I was shocked) but did eat the seared slabs of tofu.

Next door for better-received chocolate hazelnut gelato.

C was tuckered out and fell right asleep; Josie, who had been biding her time all day for her two-hour bottle, cooed in my arms while we watched Top Chef. Her first word will be 'Hulu'.

Cool and overcast Sunday - perfect. Farmers' market for an iced coffee, two spaghetti squash, a small pan de muerto, and bao from Ming's Thing.

Riverwalk. C walked from Pearl to the museum stretch - pretty far. 

Watching a park police boat:


'Do you want to take a picture?' 'Noooo.'

Stopping for a bottle. See, darling, being out with both cubs is easy. C was only pulling my hair medium-hard.



  1. I get *so* excited when I see that you've added a blog post. This post is exactly why. You are such a hoot. I love your blog.

  2. I wish I was there to hug those little 'cubs.' So cute! I miss them.