Thursday, October 2, 2014


Last month C received a baby doll. She appropriated the play mat neck pillow to use as a boppy pillow for feeding her baby because in her observational experience, babies are fed only with a boppy in place.

She gets obstinate and defiant at night - standing on the couch and locking eyes with me while I say, sit down, sit down, SIT DOWN ON YOUR BOTTOM!

She thinks my bra-strap-affixed Fitbit is a very dumb smartphone. She swipes her finger across it and giggles when she presses the button to change the display. My favorite part is when she swipes at it and then put her ear over it and says HI! HI! 

The phone is her white whale, her holy grail. Here she is helping soothe Josie... until she realizes she's being filmed.

We often run through the animal sounds - what does a horse/cow/cat/lion say? - and when asked, What does Josie say? she answers BAH!, her word for bottle. So either this is a funny coincidence or she is a genius or maybe just a normal kid connecting the dots. Of course you know what I think.

As for Josie aka Fat Joe aka Prop Joe for all you Wire fans out there, she is just the easiest baby ever. She sleeps from about 9 or 10 pm for 10-12 hours, has a bottle and naps until noon. She really becomes lively after 7 (hmmm, right after sister goes to bed) and takes her 'Two Hour Bottle', a couple of hours of occasional sips and mandatory, no-more-pack-and-play-for-me cuddle time. This is great for me except I never have a moment to myself at home; I brush my teeth and smear on the Renova and pop in the retainer as soon as she's asleep. Not going to complain about a baby with a faultless sleep-through-the-night record, however.

She's smiliest right before bed.


  1. GAH! Your girls are beautiful. Ellie nurses her lovey using a travel neck pillow ;-)

  2. Jullie, they get cuter with every post. Enjoy sleeping through the night like that. What a treat! ;)