Monday, October 20, 2014

10,000 Steps

Time for another weekend rundown! Friday evening I returned from an overnight trip to Oklahoma. On the Dallas-San Antonio leg I was seated next to the most charming Australian gentleman and we chatted a bit before takeoff. As he stood to deplane someone behind us said, "Mr [can't understand]??? We'd love to have a picture with you! Why are you in San Antonio?" He replied something about a tournament in New Braunfels... of course I was burning with curiosity and wanted to turn to him so badly and say SO YOU'RE FAMOUS! WHAT ARE YOU FAMOUS FOR?

As not even I could do that, I noticed that he was carrying a Wimbledon bag and had that weathered, ruddy sportsman look about him. At home, I googled 'famous Australian tennis players' and 'tournament New Braunfels' and confirmed that delightful gentleman was Rod Laver, not just a tennis player but four time Wimbledon champion and still the winningest tennis player of all time, in town for a tennis fantasy camp.

It was a highly anticipated weekend for me because Luke was home the entire time. We decided to get 10,000 steps each day and go to several of our favorite places.

First stop, the Salado Greenway. This paved trail is very close to home but we had not been in months. This is the time of year when the weather becomes fabulous and San Antonians emerge from their reverse hibernation.

A note: C took a tumble on Thursday and suffered quite an abrasion around her left eye.

A mile out, a mile back, then to the Cove (that wonderful sustainable locally-sourced eatery/beer garden/dog park/laundromat/music venue/playground/veggie garden) for lunch: squash, green beans, a fish taco, chicken sandwich, sweet potato hash, and panna cotta.

Gosie with the Flowsie Josie had a great weekend too.

Home for naps and and instead of being productive while the girls rested we watched WALL-E -- though I talk about this movie a lot Luke had never seen it. Have you? I think it's extraordinary and so moving.

Tour de Bars with Playgrounds continues with next stop Big'z Burger Joint with its fenced-in astroturf play yard.

And we were not done! To Pearl for a twilight Riverwalk stroll (finally reaching 10,000 steps) and Cured for dessert on the patio.

Collage of Noms:
Clockwise from top left: Grilled fish sammy with remoulade and cole slaw; bacon, egg, and cheese burger (it sounded so different when the bartender called it 'a bacon cheeseburger with an egg'); Original Sin cherry cider -- has actual cherry flavor (all from The Friendly Spot); sweet potato hash with egg (look at that orange yolk - no factory farms here!), grilled squash and spicy lemon green beans; chicken sandwich (all from the Cove); and hanging on on the bottom left, a Stella cider at Big'z Burger Joint.

On Sunday we tackled a different part of the Riverwalk, a stretch between downtown and Blue Star.

Explorers, exploring.

Along the way we met Ben, who talked to us for a while about a group of ducks that he feeds and follows along the river.

Heading south again, we made our way to the Friendly Spot, another bar with a playground.

Moments later:



The signage and sights of Southtown.

Thai iced coffee at Halcyon.

Naps, grocery shopping, laundry, one last hurrah at Brackenridge Park. 10,000 steps!

I don't have to tell you that DADA! had just come into view when I snapped this photo.

Cotton candy sunset.

Home for meal prep for the week (roasted veggies, baked pumpkin oatmeal, broiled pork tenderloin - this blog is not brought to you by the Pork Council of America but wouldn't it be great if it were?! Pork Council of America, can you hear me? Pork Council of America, can you see me?), laundry, packing the girls' bags for school.

The kind of weekend that buoys you through the week. Have a great one, everybody!