Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What's Making Me Happy

// Bippity boppity BOTOX! Turns that frown upside d-- no, into a icy stare. I love it!

// BANGS a la Sienna. (Methinks Sienna likes the Vitamin Bfabulous too).

Pinterest screenshot I took to the salon

// Sheet Pan Suppers. So far I've made just the chicken and broccolini with spicy peanut sauce but I made a long grocery list during my allergy shot wait yesterday - shakshuka here we come!

// It didn't really make me happy but I was so moved by the badass femininity* of this Shinola bicycle at Bike World. The pale pink - perfection! I already have a beautiful (unridden) bike in the garage but this I want as an objet d'art.

*if eff it, cut some bangs is my 2015 mission statement, Badass Femininity is my 2015 vision statement.

// I found a list of little-known facts about NPR personalities while reading about Sarah Koenig. I don't want to fact-check it because I want to believe Peter Sagal co-wrote Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. WHUH?

// Completing my Alamo 180 Fitness Challenge this morning! More on this later.

// We've received many heartwarming, cheery, sweet holiday cards this year but I'd like to recognize the one that made me startled-bark-laugh:

Slow clap, Ang, I'm still laughing about this.

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