Wednesday, December 31, 2014


A snapshot of 23 months and 6 months.

A little preview of their personalities?

Clem has started taking her clothes off -- now entering The Naked Time.

Clem is gaining more and more words, but no novel phrases. She goes to bed around 7 or 7:30 and sleeps until 8ish. We cap her at three bananas a day. She also loves cheese (CHEEZ), cottage cheese, and raspberries. She says milk 'mm-UH'. Favorite toys: keys (real ones, mama didn't raise no fool), bubbles, the remote control, her baby doll:


I turned the corner and became ashen - I thought she was pulling with all of her might on Josie's legs. But it was just BA-BEE. Then I got her to recreate it for this pic.

We tried to get her to watch a movie (Free Birds) but her attention lasted only five minutes (new record). Pediatricians, how can I increase my child's screen time? I have a stack of New Yorkers to catch up on!

C's ear infection re-announced itself with another gush of green pus and an absolutely foul, putrid odor (ears shouldn't smell) ten days after completing a course of antibiotics so she was given another course for what may have been an undertreated sinus infection all along. Josie turned out to have impetiginized eczema and received antibiotics and steroid lotion. Here we are at the end of month, everyone much improved and no development of C. diff (I was certain this was going to happen and hospitalize all of us) - hopeful this is the last of our frequent doctor appointments for a while.

Noodlecam! Her giggle at the end is so cute.

Josie smiles, eats, and sleeps. Actually, she doesn't nap much but remains in a good we'll take it. She is a fat pile of smile according her father and the smooshiest sugarbear in the whole world according to her mother. To her sister she is Jee-jee.

As of the latest Costco trip the girls are wearing the same size diaper. 3s all around!

Just casually discussing holiday travel, ugh it's the worst, amirite?!

Lucas Jack ends 2014 with a rendition of Josie On My Piano (isn't it so cute how her head whips around when he says her name?)

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