Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Yard

It is out of the dailiness of life that one is driven into the deepest recesses of the self.
Stanley Kunitz

After my Saturday morning Alamo 180 workout (a toughie), we attended Wake Up, Brother Bear!, a theatre performance for very little kids at Pearl then walked over to the farmers' market. She did great at Wake Up, but made it through about two pages of Miss Anastasia's reading of Skippyjon Jones at the Twig bookstore story time.

She has had every size of skinny jean from newborn on, and I bought a pair of 2T today
That night Luke and I watched Jim Gaffigan's special Mr. Universe and laughed and laughed and laughed. I'm waiting anxiously to e-checkout his new book Food: A Love Story.

Josie, from her perch in the bouncer, also thought it was hysterical.

The Quarry farmers' market* moved to Olmos Park (a five minute instead of three minute drive) so we went to support them and procure our weekly spaghetti squash and delicious treat from La Panaderia (this week was a ham and cheese torta and salad. So good). The new venue, The Yard, is a parking lot bounded by train cars converted into retail spaces, like... Oh Yeah Cakes.

*if you're thinking, wow, you do the same thing every weekend, you're right. But it's great in its own way. If I could have this day over and over - time with my family, a little time to myself, some baking, making faces at Josie in the Bumbo, helping Clementine peel her beloved little-c clementines, listening to new music - I would.

Still life featuring the final earthly moments of my banana Nutella cupcake.

I'm a vision in neutrals: here is my new tunic, basically a blanket with faux leather shoulders/back and piping. It's not particularly flattering but I love it.

Looking manly. He married me in those boots.

Chasing C.

While C napped I slipped away to Target and the grocery store. Time alone to shop was wonderful and restorative.

Then for the Sunday meal prep: two types of roasted squash, slow cooker pulled pork, and Weekend Baking Project, Cook's Illustrated Chocolate Crinkle, hands-down my favorite Christmas cookie. These are delicious.

I wasn't going to do any decorations this year (does a women who takes two weeks to unpack a suitcase - a suitcase that sits flung open in the middle of the bedroom -  seem capable or deserving of home decoration when mere orderliness is out of reach? No.) But my friend Annette posted on Facebook how much she likes sitting in the glow of the tree at night and I thought, oh, I do love that. Luke put up my 6' pink tree with pink lights ... and it casts a garish, menacing light. Next year, friends, stockings will be hung with care. 

Take us out with guitar solo, Clementine. Have a great week, everyone!

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  1. It's so much fun hearing your families adventures.