Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend by iPhone

This was Wednesday but 1) her little feet off the ground! and 2) this was the first time TV has held her attention for more than 60 seconds.

Now to the weekend.  Another first: the first time Luke wrote 'Dad' - a note before departing for Houston.

Sat: Y and cafe-across-the-foyer-from-Y for lunch.

Helper pushes stroller to library. And, as much as I complain about the summer, the winter in SA is glorious.

Helper then runs amok.

Brown Bear with Daddy.

First time wearing something other than workwear, workout wear, or pajamas (which are usually a sexy combo of work and workout wear) in at least two weeks.

Husband Incognito.

Good eggs.

Backyard troubadour.


Thanks to some late night antics from Josie aka the Ham* aka the Ham Sandwich plus wake-up-screaming from big sis, the week is off to a rough start rest-wise. But onward my friends! Hope it's a great one.

*9 pm SMILES! 10 pm SMILES! 11 pm SMILES! brief nap - screams - 12:00 am finally out

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