Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What's making me happy

// New shoes (or as C would say, DOOZ!) for Iron classes at Alamo 180. I have been wearing a pair of Nike running shoes and developed knee pain last week after sessions involving many squats + running. In fact, I was unable to sprint at all due to screamin' knees. My coach suggested a minimalist shoe and off I went to Soler Sports, tried on the first pair offered [Brooks PureConnect 3] and said these are perfect! I have very high arches (at least I think so) and these offer plenty of support to keep my foot from rolling inward and because of the toe-heel alignment (toe is level with heel), I am able to perform squats more easily (toes lifted! butt out!). I just bought them but I love these dooz.


// Hipster business name generator. As someone who planned but did not launch a food swap called Jar + Spoon, I had to laugh. At myself.

// Josie's hilarious nightly DID YOU THINK I WAS SLEEPING? 'CAUSE I'M NOT smiles. My mom pointed out that she smiles with her eyes and she really does.

This is pretty adorable but going to sleep at 10:45 pm plus a wake-up for a bottle plus Mommy getting up at 4:30 for the aforementioned Iron class... ugh. The midnight to 2 am feeding call is a new thing. In my 22 months of parenting I've come up with three reasons for waking up in the middle of the night: 1) illness 2) growth spurt 3) teething. So I'm going to guess.. growth spurt?


// I wasn't able to be there but I'm so proud of THIS.

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  1. I like your DOOZ, too :) That name generator is great. Reminds me of the Shakespeare Insult generator I used to use with my middle school students. -Susie