Wednesday, June 8, 2016


// Luke asked Clem, who was running around in pants but sans underwear, where her panties were and she responded after a second "... I've got my bottom on."

// Clem drives to the park and Nordstrom. The end is really funny.

// I strike a bargain with her by saying "Is that a deal?" and she's started closing her counteroffers ("we go the park with the swings and the swide apper our nap") with "Is that's the deal? Is that's the deal, Mommy?"

// Stickers. She went on to sleep in this swimsuit, "the swimmin' suit with the little dresses [ruffles]."

// Josie's pigtails. She's added the words teeth, spicy, and Eh-wah (for Edward the Emu) recently. Curiously, she has no sound for "Clementine". Well, she does, it's just an ear-splitting scream-squeal.

From the Sweet & Sour Files

// Clem crossly corrected me this morning when I said, "Good morning, sweetie pie." --> "I'm not a sweetie pie, I'm a [loudly] HONEY. BUNNY."

// A couple of days ago I was home alone with the girls and meditating on our move, our time here, my new job, my new roles, what San Antonio means to me, all of it, and I started to cry. Clem walked over, draped her arms around my neck and hugged me. After a few seconds, she pulled away and said softly:

Did you bump your head?

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