Thursday, June 9, 2016

Murph Challenge

Memorial Day Murph Challenge at Alamo 180.

Originally Luke was busy so I scheduled a sitter but when he became available I asked him to accompany me to cheer me on and count my sets - one mile run, 100 pull ups*, 200 push ups, 300 air squats, and another mile run. I finished in under an hour! It was a very long 56 minutes.

*unnecessary clarification: with a band. I can't do a single unassisted pull up. 

I'll write more about this sometime but Alamo 180/the coaches/HIIT/weightlifting have been life-changing, and that's an overblown phrase I don't employ often.


PSA: I made these mix brownies for the post-challenge barbecue with avocado oil instead of vegetable oil - no difference.

Afterward we retrieved the girls for the party, complete with bouncy house. Whenever C talks about the gym she says "with the bouncy house? We go to the gym with the bouncy house? It has a bouncy house?"

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