Thursday, June 9, 2016

What's Making Me Happy This Week

// Here's the Thing podcast with Alec Baldwin -- I've enjoyed every episode I've listened to, especially the Michael Pollan, Anthony Weiner, and Ellie Kemper episodes. AND THEN I found out that the most recent episode features Dean Strang, the moral center of "Making a Murderer". I started counting the minutes until I could get in my car and listen. And it was great! #strangandbuting2016

// Style Edit root concealer. Spray yer grays. This product is fantastic.

// Sukhi's tikka masala starter + organic chicken thighs = delicious.

// Seeing our friends in Houston, there for a quick trip. The girls ran around in the hotel room until 1:30 am and we made it out of town just before flash flooding, but we had a great time. Here's our last visit in Seattle - the younger girls are so different!

// Swim party at the Browns. Identifying "animals crackers" with Doug.

They've been talking for a while -- here's three years ago!

Josie's not a baby anymore!

// Catching up with two of the Flavor Savers in San Antonio in recent weeks. Clem said after Ian left "... he has to go home to Chicago, to his baby."

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