Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sun City

From the Sorely Overdue desk:

In March Luke released his first album Sun City


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And to make it even more special, his parents and siblings flew in from Michigan and Virginia to surprise and support him. 

Album release show at 502 Bar:

Ben and Susie

Kristin and Amy


sib, sib-in-law, sib, sib-in-law

Matt Cornelison aka Romeo Dance Cheetah aka Uncle Dance Cheetah aka Awesome Videographer flew in to shoot and create these music videos, which are fantastic
Don't Get Carried Away and You Belong to the City Now

Sara and Isaac's kids sent the sweetest letters:

And the clan got to meet Clementine:

So lucky.
Married to the man who is the M&Ms in my trail mix.
Part of a family who loves and shows it.
Have a baby who makes my life a little brighter with each sleepy smile.


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