Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Update

This weekend we went to the botanical garden, a food truck boardwalk, and the nearby art museum.  We had the gardens almost to ourselves, except for a wedding or two- we are now members.  SATX is a near-sidewalk-free city and I've been looking for places to stroll. 

Check out my custom hip bag from Buffalo Blue Designs: it holds a phone + camera + cash/cards and leaves hands free for the wiping of spit-up and re-adjusting of umbrellas:

Cactus graffiti:

Different Texan climes are recreated in a portion of the park - here is the Hill Country log cabin, above the pine woods of east Texas.

The American Lawn exhibit demonstrates examples of traditional, xeriscaped, garden, hill country, and Spanish courtyard lawns.  Usually botanical gardens have exotic flora and to make the typical lawn the focus of an exhibit was just inspired, I thought.  Favorite part.

Hill Country lawn

Cottage gardening, my old foe Swiss chard front and left

After relaxing at home for a bit, we headed to the Boardwalk on Bulverde, a collection of food trucks around a courtyard with picnic tables and a mechanical bull.  Sampled this evening: FRIED GUACAMOLE.

On Sunday we viewed the 'Real/Surreal' exhibition at the McNay, which was fabulous.  Something I learned: even happy baby noises become magnified about 1000x in a cavernous concrete box with only a few other (whispering) patrons.  Finding baby-friendly and parent-engaging places is my new weekend focus...

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  1. fried guacamole??? what did you think?