Thursday, January 2, 2014

Clementine at 11 Months

Has no interest in: Her toys.

Is obsessed with: Our iPhones and the remote control.  In fact, here is a picture of her face when she spies one of those items-->


Also: Ripping newspapers and magazines into smaller and smaller shreds, and putting the smallest shreds in her mouth.  Big fan of print media.  She does this sitting next to the toys she barely looks at.

Words: Says "hi" fairly recognizably and in context.  Babbles a lot.

Can't get her to use: The sippy cup.

She will: cruise around the furniture easily and even stand unaided for a few seconds while clutching something precious (the remote control).  Walking cannot be far off!

Loves: To wave at herself in the mirror.

Teeth count: 2.  She was exhibiting all sorts of teething behavior last week - miserable, cranky, drooling - but those teeth have not erupted yet.

Has Started To: Dance!!!  It is so cute!  She moves her torso back and forth when music starts - I haven't been able to capture this because once she sees the phone, she lunges for it.

First birthday next month!  I am planning to have a small party and bake an (elaborate-for-me) cake.  Saw this in Rachael Ray years ago and think it might be just right.


  1. some ideas for transition cups (I'm anti sippy cups - but straws are okay): ( We LOVE our Lolla cups!!)

    Can't WAIT to see the party deets!!

  2. Oh excellent! Thanks for the recs!