Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Likes & Finds

Tidbits from around the Interwebs...

This dishware is so pretty, particularly the pale pink, though only a white-frosted cupcake would look appealing on it.  Can you imagine beef stroganoff on a pink plate?  Blech.  And this is why I will only have white plates, always.

Some Etsy shops have caught my eye:  Triple 7 Recycled, Urban Mettle planters, Mag + Pie children's clothing

This infographics book is great!  Accompanying each infographic is a narrative by the designer about how/why he chose to present the information in that manner.

This gal is funny -- I just found her blog but I enjoy her Instagram more -- her pithiness and humor really shine in short captions.  So refreshing to see a woman being funny (because women aren't funny).  She's in St Louis and I don't know her but someone that I know almost certainly does, because that's how the Lou operates - degrees of separation on a subatomic scale.

Another great Instagram feed is Humans of New York.  It's uplifting, hilarious, poignant, sad... I look forward to it every day.  [I also like HONY's dog's feed, @susiethedoggie, who is one adorable, elderly Chihuahua...mix?  who also has great observations about life in the city.]

Finally, Steve Almond draws a line from our innate bloodlust, sublimated into the modern proxy of football (and other violent sports), at no cost to ourselves but very real damage to the athletes... worth a read.

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  1. hi Julie!!! thanks for linking to me! and I totally agree with the Humans of NY feed -- completely.