Wednesday, January 1, 2014


This will be my third new year's resolution-y post (2012 and 2013 here) and it's amusing to look back at them both because each year I've utterly failed.  Now, I have a great marriage and beautiful almost-toddler and manage to bring home a paycheck and spend time doing the things I like to do, but in terms of personal growth and/or discipline, I've clearly got room to grow.  Let's review.

Plans for 2013:

Long walks with Baby H/barre classes/Spinning: Rarely/once/nope.

Research projects: I have managed to organize some small projects that will hopefully bear fruit in the next few months.

Music: Finding out I was pregnant the very week I started piano lessons was not good for my concentration or focus.  I stopped lessons last December and never resumed.  Music education, halted.

Cooking/baking: Significant drop-off with arrival of baby. 

Needlework: Didn't happen.

Dismal, right?  This year I'm focusing on action points that probably for most people just fall under 'normal things adults do without grumbling' but I need help!


2014 Plans

Exercise: Clearly something needs to change here.  Girlfriend is getting along in years!  I purchased a 10 barre class groupon for $85 and that is getting redeemed!  And these hamstrings stretched out.  I am certain my desk job is contributing to aches and pains resulting from poor posture.  Also we've been talking about getting a rowing machine; I'm a fan of any cardio equipment that blows a gentle breeze on you.  I'd like to explore the newly completed Mission Reach of the Riverwalk, which we haven't walked yet.  And then do more of that, all the time, as a non-event.

Household: We're going to hire a biweekly cleaning service (yay!) and per my mom's advice I'm going to contact a professional organizer.  We don't have very much stuff but what we do have is all over the place.

I've Got a Nikon Camera, I Love To Take Photographs: Actually we bought an awesome Canon - my first DSLR - on NYE and I'm so excited to learn about photography and a bit of video.  If anyone has any books/blogs/tutorials to point me toward, I'd appreciate it. I want to really dig in and -->

Reading Books: More of that. Including Hyperbole and a Half, which is side-splitting (except where it's not) and half-read on the nightstand.  Read to C more.

Kitchen: Get in there.  Continue to plan less-meat, less-dairy menus.  Luke is now a dedicated almond milk drinker and does not eat cold cuts for lunch anymore.  We've adopted a semi-vegan before six diet and have fallen off the wagon in the past weeks (as the grocery planner and shopper, entirely my fault).  When we're back in line I'll write about this a little more because it's been interesting.

Wild Blue Yonder: Plan for post-AF life.

Blog: More.

Garb: As having a uniform works well for me by reducing to zero the amount of sartorial thought/effort during the week, I need to do something similar off-duty.  Now, my current state of dishabille does reflect zero thought/effort, but my spouse/the public/my self-esteem deserve better.  I'm thinking of fully committing to a wardrobe of caftans and flower crowns.  It's the only look that speaks to me right now.

Stop Thinking That a Gadget Will Change Things: Exhibit 1, rowing machine.  Other examples: my desire for a Vitamix, a better hair dryer, Belgian wafflemaker (I have TWO American wafflemakers!), Bugaboo stroller, et cetera.  Be content.

What are your big 2014 plans?


  1. I bought a great E-book of tutorials with links to youtube videos on using my camera 2-3 years ago called Finding the Joy by Willette Designs. I never finished it but the first few lessons were VERY helpful. I only paid $15 for it, but now I can only find it for $99 online. You might be able to find something similar!

  2. MeRa Koh was an awesome resource when I was learning to shoot in manual. I think she has a few DVDs for sale on her website, but I haven't checked in a few years.
    Love the honesty & humor in this post!

  3. OMGosh I loved Hyperbole and a Half. So funny (and poignant). I read one chapter each night and I really looked forward to it.

  4. I appreciate your transparency here. Often the goals I have in mind do not come to fruition and it can be demoralizing. I am excited to hear how things go throughout 2014 in all of your areas of interest!