Tuesday, January 10, 2017

What's Making Me Happy This Week

Some silly and some serious things that are making me happy throughout this very trying week.

// Baddie Winkle. 1) "Stealing your man since 1928" is Instagram's greatest bio. 2) She is all the #goals.

// Dan Rather's Facebook posts. Just long enough to explain his point fully - not too long that I don't read the whole thing. He's a great, succinct writer and I like forward to his new venture, News and Guts.

// Meryl Streep's Golden Globes speech. HEY PEOPLE WHO SAY 'SHE SHOULD STICK TO MOVIES' -- one of the functions of art is to comment on society. Preach, Meryl!

// Christmas-present-to-myself silk pillowcase - I like it a lot!

// Bo the Dog. I was intrigued when C named her new stuffed dog "Bo" because neither she nor Josie name any doll or stuffed animal anything* besides "Baby", "Big Baby", "Tiny Baby", "Doggie"... and it turns out she named her Bo because she has a bow at her ear. So her name is actually Bow.

Here I asked C to "do ballet with Bow" and she spun around and fell to the ground dramatically, just the like the Nutcracker's principle ballerina. Exeunt Bow.

*exception: Douglas the stuffed dog. Doug-a-wus has a tag with her name on it and like all of C's loveys is a GIRL, she'll have you know.

// Early morning puzzles with Bow.

Favorite loveys: Bunny, Corn [a unicorn], and Horsey. (These are all Jellycat stuffed animals -- so cute). After this we were at La Bonne Bouchee at 7 am picking up a beautiful cake for a work party and their incentive - the sugar cookie of their choice! The case was full of intricately decorated pink and red Valentine cookies but they chose what they've liked before: a brown-iced horse cookie.

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