Thursday, January 19, 2017

What's Making Me Happy This Week

This week started out a little rough but now we're cruising to Friday - dinner and dancing with Amanda - brunch with friends - first lap swimming lesson! Here are some things that are making me happy this week.

// I learned about sweater combs from Un-Fancy and, with a glance at my pile of pilled sweaters, I ordered these $10 combs from Amazon. They really work! The same post detailed a handheld steamer which I also purchased but haven't used as much. (As much as I hate-read Un-fancy for 'outfits' like this, occasionally she writes something useful like sweater care.)

// Keeping my New Year's resolutions to MAKE APPOINTMENTS! Here's Heather booking my cut and color 10 weeks out.

// While my color set I read the new Rachael Ray magazine (print edition - another resolution!) and it was so enjoyable and I dogeared several (low carb, sniff) recipes and was very interested in this spice list: za'atar, harissa, shichimi togarashi, and berbere. I ordered them all (plus an ancho-coffee steak rub) from the Spice House today. (Pretty much all of my spices have gone dusty and flavorless and I want to go to Penzey's to refresh my stock.)

// This week a MO farm rep snagged me in the atrium of the hospital and after a quick pitch I bought their 12 week fruit/veggie/eggs delivery -- which I'll pick up at work. How convenient is that?! The spring season starts Feb 21 and I get to choose the produce from each category - no getting stuck with beets.

// Aside from a day with a detour in the emergency room for Josie (details to follow), I've eaten less than 25 grams of sugar a day for the past week or two. Feels great but...

(This meme made me actually laugh out loud.)

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