Sunday, January 8, 2017

Christmas and New Year's

We spent Christmas at my parents' house but Santa delivered a playhouse a day early! A model just like C had requested, "with a door and a window."

I bought some new plants at the great nursery in WashMO.

Crab legs for Christmas Eve dinner.

"Pop Pop, you may pet my back."

Making orange pull-apart bread with Aunt Elise.

"OK you may hold me."

Almost time for presents!

Check up time.

Frozen matching game.

The Sneeze with Grandma.

I was on call the week after Christmas and New Year's Day. We had a low-key NYE; Jenny came over for a low carb feast of buffalo drumsticks with homemade blue cheese dressing and deviled eggs. I followed the buffalo wing recipe from this book but used drumsticks because drumsticks are my FAVE (plus even the organic ones from Costco are cheap).

The whisks and hooded towels have been very popular recently, as has Memory Yoga. When we started playing that game C could mimic the poses but didn't grasp matching -- now she wins the game against adults who are trying to beat her (Luke).

Jenny spent the night at our guesthouse (!) and on New Year's Day we went to Nick and Gracie's for brunch.
Gracie and her one of her cats... what a mug, huh?

Nick's recently published paper has been picked up by major news outlets, including the New York Times - - this was cited in my weekly NYT health newsletter. Congrats!!!

Secret Life of Pets with new friends (and a cat hiding under the bed).

We attended only two of the holiday events I had planned on but it was a relaxing, fun few weeks - even my call week was a chance to catch my breath.

Happy 2017, all!

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