Monday, October 10, 2011

Port A

This Saturday we took an impromptu trip to Port Aransas, a little beach community outside of Corpus Christi.

On the way I texted Doris Brown (dear family friend- best-ever San Antonio welcome committee) about where to stay and eat

Rick and Doris at the Grand Canyon
She recommended the Sandpiper Condominiums for lodging and Roosevelt's for dinner.  Both fab!

Overlooking the gulf!

Yes, I do wear this outfit 4 times a week.

Sitting on the porch at Roosevelts.  Food so good.
Unfortunately, my camera died at this point (charger in room though) and I had to rely on my phone for my photo essay of Port Aransas (Port A), which like so many beach communities, has a sun-bleached, tie-dyed, rum-soaked laissez faire attitude which is just so fun.

 We headed over to Sharkey's because we were definitely not going to miss this event.

One of the vendors who was packing up gave us some brisket (SO good) and a Good Samaritan (you will know them by their tank tops, folding chairs and coolers) gave us each a jello shot.  Thus fortified, we headed off to Roosevelt's for dinner- delish! and back to Sharkey's to hear some bands.
Phone pics: note amazing Farrah hair and brassieres over the bar.
Is that a tadpole?  NO.
Mural over pool tables.
 In the morning it was time to head back home.  I skip ahead to feature the delicious lunch we had at Shells:


Crab cake.

But before we had that delicious lunch, the prescient comment about being stranded in Port A almost came true, as the Schlepper (our Chevy Equinox, built for schlepping) refused to start in the Sandpiper parking lot, as it had two weeks before when Luke's parents were in town.  Fortunately, the hotel maintenance crew came out immediately and jumped it.  Cruising down Mustang Island, our goal changed from brunch to battery-change.  We headed  back to Corpus in time for... a torrential downpour.


Fixed!  Off to Shells for lunch, then back home.  A great weekend!

postscript: I am so lucky to be married to such a capable man!  He's no indoor kitty.

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