Friday, September 5, 2014


 Little things I want to remember about having a 19 and a 2 month old:

Before putting her in the crib, I usually hold Clem for a bit. She would wrap her arms around my neck, put her head on my shoulder, choose a thumb and put it in her mouth. We would rock for a little while. Now she sits like this for a moment, then turns around, her back to my chest, her feet extending over my knees, still sucking her thumb (something she only does when tired), her head tucked under my chin. I softly sing Row Row Row Your Boat but my throat catches at the end because of its secret melancholy.

Clem is signing more and more - particularly 'more' (MUAH, touching the fingertips of each hand together). She says/signs 'thank you' (TANK U with an open palm extended from the chin) and 'I love you' (AH [unintelligible] with an open palm extended from the chest -- my mom made up that one) and 'please' (EEZ and a circular motion over chest). 

My mom also taught Clementine what the tiger and the lion say -- here she is performing for Grandma Pat:

Josie is smiling a bunch and sleeping a bunch. For a solid week she's been down by midnight and sleeps until at least nine in the morning without interruption. She's also just the easiest baby ever - no need for a pacifier or swing or other soothing device. She cries when she hungry - and that's about it. She's much more smiley than C was at her age or even much older.

These are the pictures I take at night, shoving my phone in her face while simultaneously vowing she will have no screen time until age 2:

Josie grants me a sympathy nursing session once or twice a day but then she says: 'OK, we can cuddle and do the thing but afterward you're going to give me as many bottles of that life-sustaining swill from Costco as I want, right? Right.'* With Clementine we kept track of the time and amount and kind (milk v. formula) she ate everyday for the first three months of her life. No one has any idea how much or how often Josie eats [Lament of the Second Child - I'm sorry I don't know any facts about you]

*I am so sad and frustrated that my milk supply is so low despite every lactogenic effort on my part - c'mon, girls, you have ONE JOB.

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  1. I love hearing about these bits and pieces of what's happening with you and the girls.